hides, hiding, hid, hidden
1) VERB If you hide something or someone, you put them in a place where they cannot easily be seen or found.

[V n] He hid the bicycle in the hawthorn hedge...

[V n] They could see that I was terrified, and hid me until the coast was clear.

2) VERB If you hide or if you hide yourself, you go somewhere where you cannot easily be seen or found.

At their approach the little boy scurried and hid...

[V pron-refl] They hid themselves behind a tree.

3) VERB If you hide your face, you press your face against something or cover your face with something, so that people cannot see it.

[V n] She hid her face under the collar of his jacket and she started to cry...

[V n] He hid his face in his hands again, lost in his own thoughts.

4) VERB If you hide what you feel or know, you keep it a secret, so that no one knows about it.

[V n] Lee tried to hide his excitement...

[V n] I have absolutely nothing to hide, I have done nothing wrong...

[V n] Alison was not the sort of person to hide anything from her dad.

5) VERB If something hides an object, it covers it and prevents it from being seen.

[V n] The man's heavy moustache hid his upper lip completely...

[V n] The compound was hidden by trees and shrubs.

6) N-COUNT A hide is a place which is built to look like its surroundings. Hides are used by people who want to watch or photograph animals and birds without being seen by them. [mainly BRIT]
(in AM, use blind)
7) N-VAR A hide is the skin of a large animal such as a cow, horse, or elephant, which can be used for making leather.

...the process of tanning animal hides.

...kangaroo hide.

8) See also , hiding

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